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The Butterfly EST project is database for finding and retrieving gene sequences expressed in the Butterfly

Assembly statistics can be found at http://titan.biotec.uiuc.edu/cgi-bin/ESTWebsite/estima_project_statistics?seqSet=butterfly
Annotations can be found at http://titan.biotec.uiuc.edu/butterfly/resources/butterfly_microarray_seq.txt

Lib Code:BF01
Lib Name:BF01: A normalized library from Monarch butterflies was constructed from total RNA extracted from brains of migrant and non-migrant, male and female butterflies.
Organism:Danaus plexippus
Sex:Male and female
Lab host:DH10B
Vector:pBS II SK(+)
Site 1:EcoRI
Site 2:NotI
Protocol:Bonaldo, M.F., Lennon, G. and Soares, M.B. (1996), Genome Research6(9): 791-806, Genome Research6(9): 791-806

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